We get lots of questions about our garden. People always want to know how we grow enough veggies to feed to pigs throughout the summer and fall. So here is some info about our garden.  


Most of our garden is in raised beds out of used tractor tires. We get most of the tires for free from the local tire shop. It was a cheap way to make raised beds.  

In each tire we have a two gallon bucket in the center. It has holes drilled all over to allow water to drain. We fill each bucket with compost and rabbit poop. When the water drains it helps add nutrients to the dirt.  We got all of our buckets at the dollar store!


Each tire has multiple plants. The bushy plants like tomato's and zucchini there are 4 plants in each tire. The vine plants like pumpkins and watermelon have 6 plants per tire.

The only plants we don't grow in the tires are our corn and sunflowers which we grow them in a small tilled area. Our lettuce we grow in old rain gutters mounted to our fence.